Why? is a short spoken word film challenging the stereotypes placed upon of ethnic minorities in Britain.
Why? uses imagery showing how ethnic minorities are viewed by society vs. imagery of how ethnic minorities view themselves. Taking back control of the narrative, Why? is questioning what more do ethnic minorities have to do to show that they’re just as British as our white counterparts. Why? also shows the lack of accountability this nation has, the hypocrisy and irony. Ethnic minorities are placed in a negative light for doing the exact same thing our white counterparts are being praised for, receiving love, empathy and compassion.

Photographer ········· Kyomi Martyn
Location ········· Bute Park, Cardiff
Published ······ June 2020
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I Wrote Why? just after the murder of George Floyd, I felt a lot of pain and anger from how it was allowed to happen and the poor excuses people was giving as to why it happened. No one should ever be killed in that way in front of so many people and on camera. If it wasn’t they would’ve gotten away with it.

The protest in America, and around the world spoke volumes. UK especially. People questioned why others in the UK doing this, this doesn’t happen here, not wanting to hear a new perspective on things, not taking accountability or being blind to the racial divide. 

Over time I started developing the story to show the two sides of “What you see” vs. “What I am”. Through personal experience I knew that people defined me by my imagery and was surprised because I didn’t meet the false narrative they had created in their head. This was they key messaging I wanted to place in the film and will showcase that visually.

Why can’t we be a United Kingdom?